Why Global Scholar?

We build young global citizens who have the knowledge & skills to build a better world.

Participants craft a project or campaign to launch in their school or community.

Our small size enables us to focus on the growth and learning of each participant.

Alumni have access to year-round training opportunities.

Program Highlights

  • College-level seminars on international affairs
  • Meet with embassies, think tanks, non-profit organizations & Senate offices
  • Learn directly from experts
  • Global Crisis Simulation, service trip & advocacy day on Capitol Hill
  • Workshops on leadership, policy making, communications & careers
  • Join us at American University July 19-31, 2015

What Others Are Saying

“Global Scholar was an enlightening experience. I was introduced to exciting new perspectives and I developed analytical and debating skills which have been crucial to success in my senior year and in the application process!”
Marco, Global Scholar Alum
“I was a student in [Global Scholar] and had an excellent experience. The program is highly informative, and proved hugely beneficial during my University studies. I encourage everyone to have this experience."
Will, Global Scholar Alum
“As a parent I truly want to thank you for giving my daughter such an enjoyable and gratifying experience. I think what I am most pleased with is that she meet a well rounded group of young people that truly are her peers. In addition the breadth of exposure you and the many speakers gave them to important issues was phenomenal. Her ability to discuss and her interest in following these and similar issues in the media, is definitely apparent.”
Jan, Parent
“Global Scholar taught me that every action we take has a global impact. The program taught me to be aware of the impacts of our actions on the global community. After participating, I am more prepared to go out into the world and make it a better place. Global scholar is dedicated to nurturing politically active, well-rounded individuals who are confident in their beliefs, and training them to go out and advocate for their beliefs to ultimately repair and better the world.”
Daniel, Global Scholar Alum
“I can honestly say that Global Scholar was the biggest catalyst in getting me where I am today. I was so inspired by the high school students who had such a zeal to learn about the world. I was entirely awestruck by the interns and young employees at AID. I had no idea that college students could have such an impact on the world in such a huge way. I really do owe where I am today to my two weeks at [Global Scholar].”
Adriana, Global Scholar Alum
“I just wanted to thank you for overseeing this program. My son enjoyed himself and said he learned a great deal. He was glad to be part of a diverse yet cohesive group. He met people of all different backgrounds, which enabled him to see world events through different points of view.”
Anne, Parent
“I wanted to tell you how much I really loved participating in Global Scholar this summer.  The speakers were so inspirational, particularly, the professor on the first day. The activities outside the classroom were great, too. I learned not only about global issues and how the US deals with these issues, but I learned about myself, too. I learned that there are others, like me, who care about building a better world for ourselves and the future. We can’t be complacent.”
Daphnee, Global Scholar Alum
“I was a part of [Global Scholar] for two summers and had a great experience and met great people. It such a wonderful way to get a diverse group of excellent young scholars together to help address important global issues!” 
Leah, Global Scholar Alum
“In our increasingly interconnected world, students need a global education to succeed. Programs like Global Scholar that connect high school students with international issues help to build a global competence that students can draw on throughout their lives.”
Amy Chua, Professor, Yale Law School