American University. July 19 – July 31, 2015

Calling all young global leaders! Global Scholar is a life-changing global leadership program for students who are eager to build a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Run by a national youth organization, Global Scholar provides the training, knowledge and support young leaders need to succeed.  Through meetings with foreign policy experts, training in leadership and communications, and drafting a real project or campaign to launch in their community, Global Scholars gain a rare and powerful blend of skills.

Now in our eighth year, Global Scholar will once again be based at American University in beautiful Washington, D.C. The session will take place from July 19 – July 31, 2014.

Program highlights include:

  • Seminars with policy experts on the biggest global challenges facing our generation, including climate change, the rights of women and girls, security, global hunger and more. Scholars learn from the experts, gaining valuable “insider” insight on global issues, as well as a sense of what it’s like to pursue a career in international affairs.
  • Visits to embassies, Capitol Hill, think tanks and other D.C. institutions. Scholars have unparalleled access to leaders who are making change happen. In recent years Scholars have met the Ambassadors from Afghanistan, Bahrain and Niger, toured the World Bank, USAID and State Department, and met with their Senator’s offices on Capitol Hill.
  • Workshops on leadership, communications, public speaking, policy making and advocacy. We’re the only summer program on international affairs that offers robust training on the skills leaders need to make change happen. Through interactive, hands-on sessions Scholars will learn how to identify opportunities, build partnerships, plan projects and programs, recruit supporters, message a cause, pull off great events, build a team and evaluate success. See a list of workshops on the website here: http://www.globalscholar.org/curriculum/.
  • Global Crisis Simulation. Scholars will be challenged to apply their new skills through a fun, fast-paced and real-time simulation of an evolving global challenge.
  • Social Change and Innovation Clinic, during which Scholars will explore the basics of social entrepreneurship, policy making and advocacy. Scholars will also draft their own project or campaign to launch back home (optional, but many Scholars really do it!).
  • Career Panel, during which Scholars meet with young professionals working for the government, non-profit organizations, think tanks and social enterprises. Our small group format guarantees Scholars will have lots of time to ask questions and get advice!
  • And of course, exploring beautiful Washington, D.C. in the summertime! Last year we visited the Smithsonian museums and Kennedy Center, went to a Washington Nationals game, and checked out fireworks on the National Mall! Scholars make strong friendships with like-minded young leaders.

Our approach:
At Global Scholar, learning is hands-on and fun. We spend over half of our time visiting decision makers and experts in Washington, D.C. We also incorporate simulations, video and group projects throughout the experience. Our small-group format enables us to focus on the growth and learning of each participant.

2014 speakers included:

  • The Global Campaign for Education
  • The Stanley Foundation
  • The Aspen Institute
  • The Kennan Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
  • The World Bank
  • The United Nations Foundation
  • Oxfam USA
  • Food Research and Action Center
  • Ken Banks, founder of Frontline SMS and National Geographic Emerging Explorer (discussing social entrepreneurship and technology in development)
  • Professor Michael Beevers
  • Professor Jim Riker
  • Unity Productions Foundation
  • US Senate Offices

Our successes:
Participants report amazing increases in their understanding of global challenges, and their confidence as leaders. We are the only program that emphasizes both issues and skills. Last year, one hundred percent reported they were more confident identifying problems that need to be addressed in their community, and figuring out what they can do about them. They also overwhelmingly reported increases in their confidence leading groups, skills for making change happen, and understanding of the power of youth.

Our graduates have gone on to do amazing things. Our graduates have assumed leadership positions of everything from local school clubs to national youth organizations, embarked upon exciting gap year and/or language programs before college, and been admitted to prestigious universities across the country. And many of our graduates have stayed involved with us following the conclusion of the program; we’re particularly proud of that fact, given the focus of this program is to inspire action on the long-term!

Check out some quotes from past participants:

  • Global Scholar is an exciting opportunity to learn about the world, the global issues facing our generation, and the ways in which we as youth can help solve these issues.
  • I came, I learned , I tackled the world.
  • Global Scholar provided me with the incredible opportunity to learn about careers in international development, explore our nation’s capitol, and become much more educated about global issues and challenges. I got to spend two weeks with a group of people who shared my passion for international affairs and were inspired to make a difference in the world. It was an experience I will never forget.
  • Ever since I was a kid I’ve had this dream to save the world and Iv always found so much joy in helping others. All I wanted to do was just get out there and do it. But I soon realized that I need to learn more about the world and all it’s pressing issues as well ways to solve these issues. Because it’s the journey not the destination… It’s what happens along the way that counts. Global Scholar was a part of my journey and has given me all the resources and knowledge to keep me moving forward to reach my dreams.
  • If you want to make a difference in the world, spend your summer in the heart of political decisions with Global Scholar.
  • Global Scholar provided me with a valuable and exciting experience to gain a better understanding of global challenges and how to address them, while also learning about the many different ways to pursue a career in the international field.
  • Two weeks. Two weeks of learning about the world around you, becoming inspired to make a difference, and releasing the power youth have. It’s also two weeks of meeting amazing individuals, from different backgrounds with so much to offer. You come to the program as strangers, and leave as family-a family you can always count on, even when you go your separate ways.
  • Having completed the 2014 Global Scholar Program, I now have a far more objective and nuanced view of the world and all its people. I can better discern fact from propaganda, and I have a broader perspective in which to place current happenings. I can’t think of a better way to spend two weeks of your summer.”
  • Global Scholar is an authentic program that really serves to engage youth in the side of International Affairs it’s hard to be exposed of otherwise — real people doing really interesting work.
  • I never thought that the people I met in the short two weeks would become family to me.
  • Global Scholar was a life-changing experience. We learned about many different global issues facing our generation, but we also learned about how the youth of today, as global citizens, can make a positive change in our world and actually work to put an end to these global issues. Being in DC and visiting embassies, NGOs, think-tanks, and others was not only exciting, but they showed us how diverse the field of international development really is. I never thought I could become so close with people over the span of two weeks, but I ended up meeting some of the most driven, curious, and friendly people ever! Global Scholar exceeded my expectations in every way, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  • The trip taught me so much about myself and how I can fit in and work to better the world around me.  I met so many amazing people on my trip with Global Scholars, and I can’t wait to put to use everything I learned!
  • i think i learned more about international relations in those two weeks than i had the entire school year.
  • Global Scholar helped me to realize not only what people, challenges, and solutions exist in the world, but also what it means to be a global citizen and the necessary steps to take in order to live and walk among those people, challenges, and solutions.

There are lots of great programs out there. Here’s how we’re different:

  • We focus on building global leaders who have both the knowledge and the skills to make our world a better place. Most programs just offer coursework. We go beyond the classroom to offer extensive leadership, communications and advocacy training. Scholars practice their new skills through a simulation, and draft real projects or campaigns to launch back home.
  • Scholars experience what it’s like to work on global issues, first hand. From meeting leaders, to spending time in the offices of international organizations, to chatting with young professionals about their career paths, Scholars gain a rare “insider’s” perspective on what a career in international affairs really looks like!
  • The experience extends way beyond the summer. Scholars draft real projects or campaigns to launch at home, and have access to year-round training opportunities and alumni network.
  • Our small size enables us to focus on the growth and learning of each participant.
  • We’re affordable. You’ll find that our programs are significantly less expensive than almost any competitor program (often by as much as half!). This isn’t a business for us; we’re not out to charge students and their families exorbitant fees to participate. Rather, we see this program as our contribution to empowering a generation to build a better world. We offer scholarships (over 30% of participants receive assistance), and can help you fundraise from family and friends to attend.

Scholarship money is still available! Please find out more on our website: www.globalscholar.org. Contact us to discuss whether it’s a good fit for you! globalscholar@aidemocracy.org or 202.709.6172.

Contact us to find out more: globalscholar@aidemocracy.org or 202.709.6172.

Most of our participants are rising high school juniors and seniors. Please get in touch to discuss whether Global Scholar a good fit for you!